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Therapy Process & Fees

Therapy Process

Step by step 

Therapy process.jpg

1. Contact me for a free 15 minutes consultation

Confidential and non-obligatory 

2. Have your 50-100 minutes assessment

We will find out more about your difficulties and your therapy goals

3. Start treatment sessions - 50 minutes each

We will focus on helping you to make the changes that are in line with your therapy goals

4. We will have a review in session 6

The total amount of sessions depends on each person's difficulties and goals

Remote Therapy

I work remotely, offering web-based therapy via Zoom (UK) and RED (DE).
Since the pandemic, the benefits of remote CBT therapy have increasingly become visible. My aim is to provide the highest possible quality of CBT therapy to match your individual needs.

CBTwithBB remote psychotherapy.jpg


For clients based in the UK: £90

For clients based in Germany: 110€

Please feel free to enquire about the fees for other countries


For a 50 minutes session

Payment can be made via direct bank transfer

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